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Cakes as Individual as You

Too Good to Eat? Fortunately Not!

Sweet Justice Cakes by Mitty have been labelled Art to Eat. They are homemade artisan cakes fashioned from a desire to share creativity, joy and beautiful flavours, with all modern-day dietary preferences taken into account.  


Lovingly baked by Mitty, (lawyer turned cake artist  - yes,  an interesting and unexpected career change) - each cake is individually planned and created to suit your preferences and requirements at the same time as delivering elegance and deliciousness.


From wheat free, gluten free, diary free, sugar free, halal or vegan, as well as Keto, Paleo, SIBO and allergy friendly requests, Mitty never compromises on flavour or taste, and is of the firm opinion that it’s unjust for anyone to miss out on cake pleasure!

These are no ordinary cakes, these are Mittylicious Cakes!

wheat free  .  gluten free  .  dairy free  .  sugar free

halal vegan  . keto . paleo . SIBO

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British born and raised within a rich and proud Asian heritage, you could say that Mitty’s on a mission to bake up a fusion of East and West deliciousness and joy.


NB: These cakes do come with a warning, please expect all intelligent conversation to be replaced by small moans of delight until everyone’s finished their slice!


If it’s about cake the answer’s yes we can, what do you need? Whether classic or contemporary, Mitty’s ingredients are fresh and organic, her designs are detailed and all dietary requirements can be met. What’s not to love? 


A selection of freshly baked Sweet Justice Cakes are always in demand and regularly delivered to London cafés and delis.


Specifically commissioned, designed and unforgettable centrepieces are highlights of corporate hospitality or celebrations, and business branded cupcakes are always a hit.

Food Service, Festivities & Corporate Hospitality
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Sweet Justice Cakes by Mitty. Click to listen now...
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These are no ordinary cakes, these are Mittylicious Cakes!

"I cannot thank you enough for the most fabulous cakes you made to celebrate firstly Nicky' Roffe's little sister's birthday, and then my own. The family were blown away by the gorgeously iced creation and that it was the moistest, best chocolate cake they had ever tasted.

"The beautiful cake that you created for my birthday was very special too. Your cakes are simply superb. Freshly baked with the finest ingredients, so much love poured into them and then hand delivered by yourself. I know of no other personalised service from any other cake maker or patisserie chef. Thank you! Thank you, for your beautiful cakes."

Johnnie Lynn-Pirkis, Actor


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