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Mitty (‘sweetie’ in Urdu) was a pet name given by her maternal grandmother, a master chef, and obviously it all began in the kitchen, where creating cakes and desserts for family and friends was a favourite pastime.


Several years later and well into a law career Mitty paused to weigh up the pros and cons and concluded that whilst her legal skills were much in demand, they were never ever going to give people as much pleasure as her gorgeous cakes.


So she swapped case histories for cake recipes, precedents for palate pleasers, and intricate arguments for exquisite icing and fresh flowers, launched Sweet Justice Cakes and has never looked back. Words such as amazing, beautiful, tasty  and  wholesome  spread swiftly. So if you’re looking for a memorable cake with some Mitty magic for a special occasion, get in touch.

These are no ordinary cakes, these are Mittylicious Cakes!

Stop struggling for party cake ideas, Mitty has a whole host up her sleeve!

Mitty's passion for desserts and cakes is driven by love, she’d like you to share in that! She believes it’s only sweet justice that you and your guests should be able to enjoy a completely guilt-free, custom-made, experience.

Forget food intolerances, Mitty can ensure everyone stays safe and sound.

Exotic or elegant, innovative or classic, small and personalised or impressively corporate, Mitty’s expert balancing ensures maximum deliciousness. Having perfected her art, she bakes judiciously, ensuring  all dietary requirements are met and everyone gets their just desserts.  

Give friends, family, clients or staff an unforgettable surprise.

For Mitty, there’s great joy in gatherings, celebrations, and satisfaction in sharing. Fond memories, fair dealings, and blissful eating experiences are the core values of Sweet Justice Cakes by Mitty, proving you can have your cake - delectably individualised - and eat it!

Palate Pleasure

Choose from a list of firm favourites or add a new one created just for you. Have a chat with Mitty, give her your preferences and cake date, then simply sit back and wait in happy expectation.

 These are no ordinary cakes, these are Mittylicious Cakes!

wheat free  .  gluten free  .  dairy free  .  sugar free  

halal  . vegan  . keto . paleo . SIBO

Weekend Market

"All of my resistance melts when her beauteous & delicious cakes appear.

Mitty is a culinary alchemist of the first order! "



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