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Please be aware that all Sweet Justice Cakes by Mitty are baked and prepared in a dedicated kitchen facility, which also handle all the main allergens including NUTS, GLUTEN (WHEAT), DAIRY, EGG and SOYA. All cakes are made to order and within the same kitchen facility. Mitty takes all the necessary steps to ensure cross contamination doesn’t happen, however, if you have any concerns or questions, please contact Mitty on +44 (0)7776 586 4379 to discuss and clarify your allergens.

Product Ingredients List

Every edible product listed on the website can be included with a list of ingredients upon request. As each cake is made to order, you can discuss your preferred ingredient list directly with Mitty upon ordering.


Some of the cakes featured online are not suitable for vegetarians however similar cakes can be made VEGAN FRIENDLY. Please advise Mitty upon ordering so that she can suggest the most suitable ingredient list for your cake and what non-featured options can meet your preferences.


If you would like to talk through any of these details please don’t hesitate to speak to Mitty on +44 (0)7776 586 4379 or email

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